Klever Kreations Cake and Candy Store

 (Michael and Coleen Maffeo)

Klever Kreations is a cake, candy and cookie supply store, with a full bakery.

We always wanted to own a family business where everyone was treated as family when they walk through our doors. On January 12, 2007 Klever Kreations became a part of our family.  In the kitchen, we bake and decorate custom cakes, candies, cookies and whatever else anyone needs.

Over the years our  four children have helped and worked with us until they started their own career.  Keeping with the family tradition our niece Jessica now works side by side with us. Together we enjoy running and managing Klever Kreations.



Over the years we have expanded the business by sending out cookies as thank you gifts for several customers. This program has been successful, and we have gotten positive responses from the customers as well as the people that receive our cookies as gifts.   We believe in growing and expanded our business by thinking out of the box, in very Klever ways!

Klever Kreations   2017

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